| 2 October 2022, Sunday |

‘It’s our city against killers’: New York mayor furious, makes plea after cop killed in shooting

The shooting that occured in the Harlem neighbourhood and left one police officer dead and another in critical condition on Friday (January 21), urged New York Mayor Eric Adams to describe it as an attack on the entire city.

Jason Rivera, who lost his life was a 22-year-old rookie officer. The gravely injured officer is fighting for his life in hospital.
The person who was accused of the shooting has been identified by the police as LaShawn McNeil, 47. Police informed that he was also shot but so far, his condition was not known.
During an emotional address, Adams said, “This was an attack on the city of New York. It is an attack on the children and families of this city.”

When he was running for office, the cop-turned mayor had promised to improve public safety in America’s largest city as gun violence is rising.

Adams also urged federal action on gun control while calling on New Yorkers to work with cops to stem the violence. “No matter how painful this moment is, don’t give up on these people in this city,” he said.

“It is our city against the killers!” he added.

“We are not going to win this battle by dividing lines between us,” he said. “We must save this city together,” he said.
The latest incident means a total of four New York City police officers have been shot this week.

In recent days, there is a spike in violent crime during the pandemic is an early challenge for Adams, who took over the helm of the city on January 1.

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