| 15 July 2024, Monday |

Japan to develop 3,000 km long-range missiles, deploy in 2030s

Aiming at deploying them in the 2030s, Japan’s Ministry of Defense is arranging to develop multiple long-range missiles with a range of up to about 3,000 kilometers, Kyodo news reported on Saturday, citing a source familiar with the matter.
The government is looking to deploy a 2,000 km range missile by the early 2030s and a 3,000 km hypersonic missile that can reach anywhere in North Korea and some parts of China by around 2035, Kyodo said.
Japan this month unveiled its biggest military build-up since World War Two with a $320 billion plan that will buy missiles capable of striking China and ready it for sustained conflict, as regional tensions and Russia’s Ukraine invasion stoke war fears.

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