| 20 June 2021, Sunday | النسخة العربية

Jordan vaccinates nearly a third of eligible refugees against Covid-19

The UN’s refugee agency said on Thursday that 30 percent of refugees in Jordan who are eligible for inoculation against Covid-19 have received at least their first dose, .

Out of the 47,000 refugees living in camps across the country who eligible to be given the vaccine, 13,455 have been inoculated since the start of the year.

“The success of the vaccination campaign is very much connected to the government’s decision to include all persons on Jordanian territory – nationals and refugees,” UNHCR’s Jordan Representative, Dominik Bartsch, said in a statement.

“But we cannot stop here. We need to carry forward the momentum generated thus far to ensure that all eligible refugees are vaccinated. Our aim is to leave no one behind – nobody is safe until everyone is safe,” Bartsch said.

Jordan’s three main camps, Zaatari, Azraq and the Emirati-Jordanian camp are home to around 120,00 refugees from the region.

However, only 47,000 were eligible to register and receive the vaccine due to the exclusion of children under 18 and pregnant women.

A record 1,558 refugees were vaccinated in a single day in Zaatari camp, on Tuesday. It has two vaccination centers that operate and one in Azraq camp.

Working alongside the Jordanian Health Minister, the UNHCR has been able to roll out the vaccination campaign since the start of the year.