| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Jordanian and British military forces cooperate in joint tactical drill

Jordan News Agency reported that King Faisal II/16 Brigade, a unit of the Jordanian Armed Forces, conducted a joint tactical exercise with British military forces on Monday

The drill, part of the “Olive Grove” series of joint military exercises carried out by the two nations, took place in Jordan in the presence of the brigade’s commander, Omar Shqeirat, and the UK’s defense attache in the country, Will Davis.

Officials said the forces demonstrated their combat efficiency, professionalism and accuracy through the use of live fire with medium and light weapons, storming operations using armored vehicles, and sniping.

The drill was designed to test the ability of forces to carry out military operations in built-up areas and internal security operations, and to provide training in reconnaissance operations and dealing with a variety of ground targets.

The exercise is part of the ongoing training of forces from the two countries to improve their combat readiness and efficiency, officials added.

  • Arab News