| 1 October 2023, Sunday |

Justin Trudeau: Stranded Canadian PM leaves India after plane snag fixed

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has departed India after a technical issue with his plane forced him to prolong his visit to the country’s capital by two days.

He was supposed to fly out on Sunday after the G20 summit finished, but an embarrassing mechanical issue kept him stuck.

Opponents at home and Indian social media users criticized Mr Trudeau for the postponement, which came after a contentious meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Relations between Canada and India have become more tense in recent months.

According to India Today, Mr Trudeau’s visit “did nothing to heal the frosty ties that he has developed with India.”

Days before he flew to Delhi, Mr Trudeau unexpectedly said his country was pausing talks on a trade treaty between the two countries.

Protests by Canada’s large Sikh population have been a major flashpoint in the tensions. India is concerned about the activities of Sikh separatists – it denies any hand in the murder of a prominent advocate of Sikh independence in British Columbia in June.