| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

Kabul blasts: Three blasts rock boys school in Afghan capital, fear of high casualties

High casualties are feared to have been recorded when three blasts rocked a boys’ school on Tuesday in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, news agency AFP reported citing local police, although there is no official confirmation yet.
Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran said on Twitter that the blasts happened at the Abdul Rahim Shahid high school and “caused casualties among our Shiite brothers”.

The incident apparently took place when the students were leaving their classes.
Ehsanullah Amiri, a journalist who covers Afghanistan for The Wall Street Journal tweeted that a “suicide bomber” struck a school in Kabul’s Dashte Barchi, a predominantly Shia neighbourhood.

He wrote, “The blast occurred in the main exit of Abdul Rahim Shahid School where crowds of students were there, one teacher told me who surprisingly escaped the attack. Fear of high casualties.”

TOLOnews reported that the Ministry of Interior confirmed the blast and stated that an investigation has started into the incident and details will be shared later.

Quoting eyewitnesses, the media outlet also reported that the blast near “Mumtaz” training centre in the west of Kabul was due to a hand grenade.

As per the report, at least five people were wounded.

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