| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

Kentucky police video shows desperate rush to stop mass shooting

The frantic dash by a rookie cop and his training officer to stop a mass shooting at a Kentucky bank was documented in sparse but dramatic detail in body camera footage released by authorities on Tuesday.

The clip, displayed during an afternoon briefing and then uploaded on Twitter by the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, comes a day after a Louisville bank employee killed five people and injured nine others, including the two policemen, while livestreaming video of the incident on Instagram.

The body camera footage opens with an image of the console of the police cruiser as it pulls up to the downtown building. The steering wheel veers wildly from side to side as rookie officer Nickolas Wilt drives the car and his partner, Cory Galloway, shouts directions off camera.

“Pull up, pull up, pull up,” Galloway barks. Gunfire sounds. “Back up! Back up! Back up!” he shouts again.

Arriving just three minutes after they have been dispatched, Wilt readies his handgun as Galloway grabs a rifle out of the trunk, and the camera image lurches up the steps to the bank building. A burst of gunfire is heard as the suspect shoots at the officers from inside the lobby.

Both officers appear to fall, but Galloway scrambles to his feet and runs down the steps to hide behind a planter. He waits a few seconds, hears more gunfire, then peeks out and seems to react to seeing Wilt down. “God damn it!” he shouts.

  • Reuters