| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Kremlin denounces US ‘peak hysteria’ after Putin-Biden call

The Kremlin blasted US “peak hysteria” over the Ukraine war on Saturday, but claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Vice President Joe Biden had agreed to keep talking.

“Hysteria has reached its zenith,” Yury Ushakov, the Kremlin’s senior foreign policy advisor, said on a conference call after new phone talks between Putin and Biden.

Ushakov stated that the US side had demanded that Biden and Putin speak by phone on Saturday, despite the fact that such a call was originally scheduled for Monday.

After Washington warned that an all-out invasion may start “any day,” the two presidents spoke.

Ushakov expressed his dissatisfaction with the US assertions, claiming that the Americans had even revealed “the date of the Russian invasion.”

He told reporters, “We don’t understand why misleading information about our objectives is provided to the media.”

Putin has claimed yet again that the West is arming Ukraine and that Kyiv authorities are “sabotaging” Western-brokered peace talks to end a years-long conflict in eastern Ukraine, according to him.

Similarly, Ushakov described the one-hour phone conversation between the two leaders as “balanced and businesslike,” adding that “the presidents have decided to continue interactions at all levels.”

Russia is asking that the West provide enforceable security guarantees, including a promise to pull NATO forces out of eastern Europe and never expand into Ukraine.

The requests have been categorically rejected by Washington, which has offered to talk to Moscow about a new European disarmament accord.

Moscow, according to Ushakov, will consider Biden’s viewpoint as it prepares to reply to Washington’s and NATO’s suggestions.

“The Russians will examine Biden’s worries with great care.”

  • AFP