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Kremlin says it would like to hear ‘some condemnation’ from West on Moscow drone attack

On Wednesday, the Kremlin expressed its desire to receive “some condemnation” from Western countries regarding the drone attack that took place in the Russian capital, Moscow, early Tuesday.
“We saw the reaction from both London and Washington. Once again we recorded for ourselves the absence of any condemnation. Of course, we would prefer to hear at least some words of condemnation. There was no condemnation,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a press briefing.

Though the US and UK reacted to the drone strike, they did not condemn the incident.

In response to a question on discrepancies in the number of drones during the attack in Moscow, Peskov said that the media cannot be the primary source of information and pointed to the Russian Defense Мinistry as the primary source.

Peskov further said that Russia’s air defense system will continue to improve, as expressed by President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

During a visit to the Zotov cultural center in Moscow, Putin assessed the work of Russian air defense systems as “satisfying,” adding that “it’s clear what has to be done to strengthen the air defense of the capital, and we will do it.”

Peskov also said Russia understands what the West is trying to provoke it, but that Moscow will “calmly and consistently” think about how to deal with this.

Peskov added they have not heard “a single word of condemnation from any country that belongs to the collective West” with regards to the shelling of civilian infrastructure in the Belgorod region, saying that local authorities are taking measures concerning the issue.

“We are really concerned about this situation, shelling of civilian objects continues there … The situation there is quite alarming, measures are being taken,” he said.

Ukraine’s armed forces have allegedly unleashed a series of attacks on Russia’s border regions in recent months, notably Bryansk and Belgorod, which were hit with drones and artillery.

Situation in Kosovo, Türkiye-Russia meeting

Peskov also touched on the recent tensions in Kosovo, saying: “We are following this (tension), we absolutely unconditionally support Serbia, we support the Serbs,” Peskov said.

He further said no contacts are planned between Putin and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic with regard to the events in Kosovo, but that Moscow and Belgrade have “constant communication through diplomatic channels.”

Tensions have gripped Kosovo, with protesters and security forces clashing in the northern Serb-dominated municipalities concerning the election of ethnic Albanian mayors in four municipalities last month.

At least 30 soldiers of the NATO-led international peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (KFOR) were injured in the fighting with Serbs who were protesting Monday and attempting to prevent the newly-elected mayor of the Zvecan municipality from entering the town hall to take the oath of office and begin official duties.

Meanwhile, Peskov said Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed their intention to hold a bilateral meeting in “the foreseeable future” during their latest phone conversation.

“Where it will be and when exactly, this remains to be agreed, taking into account the schedules of the two presidents. But the understanding that we are preparing for such a meeting is there,” Peskov added.

  • Anadolu Agency