| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Kuwait eases COVID-19 restrictions, vaccinations no longer needed

Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported, that people traveling to Kuwait will no longer have to take a PCR test or show proof of vaccination before entering the country.

Under the easing of the country’s COVID-19 restrictions, face masks are also no longer mandatory, except for those showing symptoms, Deputy Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Fares said in a statement.

The PM said all people – vaccinated, or not – would be given access to all public places, while PCR tests were no longer required at workplaces and educational establishments.
And in stadiums fans will not be required to be vaccinated, the statement added.

The quarantine restrictions imposed on people exposed to others with COVID-19 have been scrapped, but they will be required to take a PCR test within 14 days of exposure, and wear a mask for 14 days.

The Kuwaiti cabinet also ruled that patients should home quarantine for five days and after that wear face masks for a further five days.

Worshippers have been urged to continue following health guidelines, including wearing masks and using their own prayer mats.

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