| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

Kuwait ends controversy, accepts credentials of US ambassador

Kuwait Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah accepted the credentials of the new US ambassador-designate to Kuwait, ending a controversy after a wave of protests rejecting the diplomat.

Lawmakers and activists demanded the ambassador be prevented from assuming her duties amid unprecedented tensions following the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

Several Kuwaiti members of the parliament and activists issued public warnings against the US ambassador-designate, Karen Sasahara, before she arrived in the country.

They said they’d grill the Foreign Minister if he accepted the credentials of the new US ambassador.

The FM confirmed that the Emir accepted the nomination of the US ambassador, adding that once Sasahara arrives in Kuwait, he will present her to the political leadership.

During a press conference at the Foreign Ministry headquarters, Sheikh Salem said that following the leadership’s order, Kuwait is sending relief aid to Gaza. He rejected any attempts to displace Palestinians from the Strip.

Kuwait has a firm and principled position towards the Palestinian cause, said the Foreign Minister, pointing out that Kuwait supports any call to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, hundreds of citizens and residents gathered at al-Erada Square in Kuwait City to express unwavering support for the Palestinian people and their resilience against the Zionist occupation.

During the protest, Kuwaiti representatives and activists directed their anger at the US and UN, demanding that the ambassador be prevented from arriving to assume her duties in the country.

Speaking at the gathering, MP Abdulkarim al-Kandari reiterated that he would grill the Foreign Minister if he accepts the credentials of the new US Ambassador.

Lawmaker Jamaan al-Harbash posted on X platform announcing his support for Kandari in rejecting the new US ambassador.

Harbash said the US was the official sponsor of the criminal Zionist entity that kills children and women.

Kandari said in another X post that the US ambassador’s files oppose the declared policy of Kuwait, adding that she was consul general at the Washington embassy in occupied Jerusalem.

He asserted his rejection of accepting her papers, saying it was consistent with the state’s position, declaring it was in a state of war.

Former Minister of Information Saad bin Tafla al-Ajmi also posted on X welcoming Sasahara, recalling the US’ contribution to the liberation of Kuwait.

Ajmi appreciated the US support in 1990 during the Iraqi aggression and its help to liberate Kuwait

  • Asharq Al-Awsat