| 8 December 2023, Friday |

Last month was Spain’s hottest, driest April on record

According to a report released Monday by Spain’s meteorological agency AEMET, last month was Spain’s hottest and driest April on record

In Peninsular Spain, the average temperature was 14.9C (58.82F) throughout the entire month – 3C higher than the historical average. The average daily high temperatures varied even more dramatically, coming in at 4.7C warmer than normal.

The southeast of Spain was the most affected, with “extremely hot” temperatures that brought average temperatures up to 5C warmer than expected.

The situation was especially staggering in late April, when a mass of hot, dry air from the Sahara sent temperatures soaring across the Iberian Peninsula, Morocco, and Algeria.

In Spain, the mercury hit 38.8C (101.8F) – previously unprecedented in the month of April.

On Friday, climate scientists with World Weather Attribution released a paper, stating that the extreme heat wave would have been “almost impossible without climate change.”

The experts found that a weather event like that only has a 0.25% chance of happening in any given year, but a warming climate has made it significantly hotter than it could have been during pre-industrial times.

To make matters worse, the extreme heat compounds the severity of the ongoing drought gripping the area.

  • Anadolu Agency