| 24 June 2024, Monday |

Lavrov to discuss Gaza war with Arab, Muslim FMs in Moscow on Tuesday: Russian media

The RIA news agency said on Monday that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet with foreign ministers from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League on Tuesday in Moscow to address the situation in Gaza.

The countries that would be present at the Moscow meeting were not specified in the RIA article, which quoted a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry. There were no other details at this time.

Russia, which previously enjoyed close relations with Israel, has struck a cautiously pro-Palestinian position since the outbreak of war around Gaza, rebuking Israel for civilian casualties, and restating its long-standing support for a Palestinian state.

Arab and Muslim ministers called on Monday for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as their delegation visited Beijing on the first leg of a tour to push for an end to hostilities and to allow humanitarian aid into the devastated Palestinian enclave.

The delegation, which is set to meet officials representing each of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, is also piling pressure on the West to reject Israel’s justification of its actions against Palestinians as self-defense.

  • alarabiya