| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Lawsuit in France accuses Abdul Mahdi of ‘crimes against humanity’

The families of five Iraqis filed a legal complaint Tuesday in Paris against former Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, accusing him of “crimes against humanity, torture and enforced disappearance” during the suppression of the October Revolution 2019 demonstrations, according to what her lawyer said.

The judicial complaint was filed with the Public Prosecution Office responsible for combating crimes against humanity in a Paris court, according to attorney Jessica Final.

A statement issued by the lawyer stated that the families of these five Iraqis (one of them was critically injured, the second forcibly disappeared, and the other three died) “are relying on the French courts, starting with the recognition of their status as victims.”

In October 2019, thousands of Iraqis demonstrated against the corruption of the authority for months.

The movement, dubbed the “October Revolution,” also demanded the provision of public services and jobs for Iraqis.

According to official figures, about 600 people have been killed and 30,000 injured, the overwhelming majority of them protesters since October 1, 2019. The assassination and kidnapping of activists continues in Baghdad and southern Iraq, but the authorities stress that they have not been able to identify the perpetrators.

An international human rights organization had revealed that its investigations proved that most of the fatal injuries were from Iranian gas bombs manufactured for military purposes and not to disperse the demonstrations.

Iraqi activists have also accused Iran and the militias loyal to it of carrying out sniper operations, kidnapping, torture and forcible disappearance of many demonstrators, in addition to the assassination of others.

Western countries criticized the excessive use of force in the face of peaceful protests, while Abdul-Mahdi was struggling to calm popular anger, while the wave of violence continued, which reached its climax, with unknown persons believed to be members of a pro-Iranian militia targeting the protesters with live ammunition.