| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

London, Riyadh Cooperate on Developing Education, Research Sector

Saudi Arabia and the UK promote bilateral cooperation in research and education, revealed Professor Steve Smith, the UK’s special representative for international education and adviser to British PM Boris Johnson.


Smith affirmed that the two countries are working to make cooperation in the education sector one of the boosters of sustainable development in both countries.


The British official pointed to a shared desire for exchanging visions at the meeting table of the Education World Forum (EWF), which will be held early next year (2022). The two kingdoms will also share their visions on common challenges in the field of education.


In a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat, Smith added that the education sector is one of the essential pillars of the partnership between Saudi Arabia and the UK.


He stressed that Saudi-British relations enjoy a historical record of achievements and vital comprehensive strategic partnerships. Smith added that the two countries are deepening cooperation in various fields to serve their Saudi-British alliance.


Smith underlined the global need to make the education sector a primary channel for creating a tolerant and positive society.


This would protect societies from being taken over by extremist and terrorist ideologies.


Smith pointed out that the education sector is the most critical starting point for saving society from disasters caused by extremists, terrorists, and people with destructive ideas, not only in Britain or Saudi Arabia but in all countries of the world.


However, Smith stressed that Riyadh and London are keen on cooperating in the field of education.


He added that Saudi Arabia is one of Britain’s five most important partners and one of the UK’s strategic political, security, and economic allies.


Riyadh’s partnership with London is comprehensive and goes beyond the fields of education and climate, noted Smith, explaining that present collaboration is an excellent station for reaching broader cooperation horizons.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat