| 28 March 2023, Tuesday |

Malaysia floods: One dead, over 26,000 evacuated as rain expected to continue

Nearly 26,000 people were forced to flee, as villages and towns in some of Malaysia were engulfed in floodwaters. Rescuers in boats carried others to safety while rescuing families trapped on rooftops. The floodwaters washed away one person’s car, causing his death.
With almost 25,000 people being relocated to relief camps in schools and community halls, the southern Johor state, which borders Singapore, was the hardest hit. Officials reported a more than doubling of the amount from Tuesday. After Wednesday’s nonstop rain inundated the region, five additional states experienced flooding as well.

The Meteorological Department reported that the nation is currently going through its sixth episode of nonstop heavy rain since the annual monsoon season began in November, and warned that it may last until April.

In December, thousands of people were also evacuated due to flooding.

The department warned that the dowpour would contiue in Johor and other parts of the country that could cause further flash floods on Thursday.

Social media posts showed images of a road that had collapsed due to overflowing water after a heavy downpour, vehicles and homes under water.

In Johor, authorities said a man driving to work in a palm oil plantation was found dead after rescuers recovered his car, which had been washed away by floodwaters.

Photos shared by the National Flood Disaster Agency showed rescuers carrying a baby in a bucket to safety and wading chest-deep in certain regions of Johor to assist people stuck in their homes.

The agency issued a warning that water levels in 25 rivers around the country have risen dangerously. According to data, there have been 102 landslides since November as a result of excessive rain.

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