| 16 June 2024, Sunday |

Man arrested after climbing into Royal Mews near Buckingham Palace

London’s Metropolitan Police reported on Saturday that a man has been arrested for trespassing. The arrest followed a report to the police about an individual climbing into the Royal Mews near Buckingham Palace.
At 1:25 am (0025 GMT) on Saturday morning, “officers at Buckingham Palace responded to a person climbing the wall and entering the Royal Mews,” Met Police said.
“A 25-year-old man was detained by officers outside the stables in the Royal Mews,” it said, adding that “At no point did the man enter Buckingham Palace or the palace gardens.”
He was arrested for “trespassing on a protected site” and taken into custody at a London police station.
The Royal Mews, housing carriages and stables as well as modern cars, organizes the road travel arrangements for King Charles III and members of the royal family.
Intrusions have taken place before at royal premises, including Buckingham Palace.
One of the most famous security breaches was in 1982, when Michael Fagan managed to get into the bedroom of Queen Elizabeth II and spent 10 minutes talking to her before she could raise the alarm.
The unemployed decorator had had a few drinks and climbed up a drainpipe to enter the late queen’s London residence.
He wandered into her bedroom and reportedly sat on the end of the bed for a chat with the perturbed monarch before a palace staffer lured him away with the promise of a shot of whisky.

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