| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Man shot dead near West Bank settlement, Israeli medics say

According to Israeli doctors, a man was shot dead near the entrance of a settlement in the occupied West Bank, in what the Israeli military termed as a “terrorist” incident.

The number of people slain by Arab assailants in Israel and West Bank settlements in recent weeks has risen to 15, according to Israeli officials, in what Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has described as a “new wave of terrorism.”

The Israeli military said two gunmen fired at a guard inside the booth at Ariel’s entry and left the scene, adding that certain highways in the region were stopped as soldiers looked for the culprits.

“We have faith that the security forces will apprehend the perpetrators,” Ariel Mayor Eli Sheviro told Reuters.

According to the UN, Israeli troops have murdered at least 40 Palestinians since February, when the toll began to rise.

  • Reuters