| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Man tests positive in Indian state of Gujarat despite two doses of COVID vaccine

As per the District Chief Health Officer, the man was first inoculated on 16 January, and given the second dose on 15 February. India is currently undergoing phase II of its COVID-19 inoculation drive, allowing citizens above the age of 60 and above 45 with co-morbidities to take the vaccine. So far, about 20 million people have received a jab.

A man in the Indian state of Gujarat has tested positive for COVID-19 just a few days after getting inoculated with the second dose of a vaccine against the contagious disease.

He is a health officer by profession and employed at Dehgam Taluka in the state’s capital city of Gandhinagar.

According to the Gandhinagar’s Chief Health Officer, Dr M.H. Solanki, days after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, the man reported having a fever. His samples were examined and showed him to be COVID-positive on 20 February.

Explaining how the vaccine works, Solanki told reporters, “It generally takes around 45 days for antibodies against the infection to develop after both the doses of the vaccine are administered. Hence, we are advising everyone to observe all COVID norms, including social distancing, and face masks even after getting inoculated”.

According to the federal Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, over 20.9 million people have been vaccinated in India.

SO far, there have been 157,756 COVID-related deaths in the country, with 184,523 active cases. Over 10.8 million coronavirus-affected patients have been cured or discharged, according to the ministry’s latest statistics.

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