| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

May Day marchers in France put pressure on Macron

Thousands of people took part in May Day demonstrations around France on Sunday, demanding social fairness and wage rises, and urging freshly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron to abandon his plan to raise the retirement age.

Most gatherings were peaceful, although police intervened in Paris after black-clad “Black Bloc” anarchists attempted to create a barricade in a roadway near La Republique Square, according to police. On the Place Leon Blum, a McDonald’s restaurant and a real estate firm were also plundered, with windows damaged and waste bins lit on fire.

The cost of living was a major theme in the presidential election campaign, and it appears that it will be a major theme again ahead of the June legislative elections, which Macron’s party and its allies must win if he is to be able to implement his pro-business policies, such as raising the retirement age to 65 from 62.

Around 250 protests were held in Paris as well as other towns such as Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, and Marseille.

Trade unions were joined in Paris by political personalities, largely from the left, and climate campaigners.

Marchers held placards that said “Retire Before Arthritis,” “Retire at 60, Freeze Prices,” and “Macron, Get Out.”

  • Reuters