| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Melania Trump joke brings death threats against Matheson

Matheson has already apologized for this thinly-veiled barb aimed at Melania, eliciting a somewhat mixed response online. The police are investigating the threats.

American actor and director Tim Matheson has complained to US law enforcement about receiving threats after he criticized former US First Lady Melania Trump online, TMZ reports.

According to the media outlet, in his since-deleted tweet from 23 January, Matheson quipped about how “wonderful” it is to “have a First Lady with class and heart” who “can speak English.”

But while he’s since deleted the post and tweeted an apology, he reportedly contacted the authorities after someone allegedly threatened: “Pay me big bucks or I will kill you.”

​The police are investigating after Matheson contacted the LAPD and filed an “extortion report” due to the alleged financial demands, the media outlet notes, citing its sources.

Meanwhile, Matheson’s apology elicited a somewhat mixed response online. While some seemed to appreciate his move, others argued that the actor had “doubled down” on his earlier statement “before getting push back”.

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