| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Moroccan Embassy Urges Citizens Wanting to Leave Ukraine to Head to Border Crossings

Morocco’s Embassy in Kyiv has called on all Moroccan nationals living in Ukraine to observe security measures issued by the competent Ukrainian authorities, adding that it is undertaking efforts to ease the transit process of those who wish to leave the country in safe conditions.

Given the developments in Ukraine, and following its statement issued on February 12, the Embassy called on “all Moroccan nationals who chose to stay on Ukrainian soil, to observe safety measures issued by the relevant Ukrainian authorities.”

“The Embassy calls on Moroccan citizens in Ukraine not to leave their places of residence except in cases of extreme necessity, to keep their identification documents and to maintain regular contact with the Embassy as well as with the crisis cell set-up for this purpose,” it said in a statement.

For citizens who have decided to leave the country, the Embassy said that, in close coordination with the Moroccan missions in neighboring countries, it “is facilitating the transit process for Moroccan nationals from Ukraine in safe conditions.”

Taking into account the closure of Ukrainian airspace, it urged them to head to border crossings to enter Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, where support units will be established.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat