| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Most European countries to keep using COVID-19 passports as winter approach

Inspite of all protests that the region has witnessed, most of Europe is now using COVID-19 passports to enter bars, restaurants, cinemas and museums.
Scotland, also, has now implemented a vaccine passport even though England does not require a pass.
In Italy, one needs to have a COVID-19 pass to enter their workplace. Italy is said to have adapted the most rigid COVID-19 pass rules in Europe. As per the guidelines, anyone who is on a payroll, both in the public and private sectors, must have a ‘green pass’ with a QR code as proof of either full vaccination, recent recovery from infection or a negative test.
Also, employees who go to work without a pass can be fined up to 1,500 euros and can also face suspension without pay. Employers could also face fines if they allow staff to work without it.
In France, the passe sanitaire has become part of daily life. A report by BBC highlights how the Netherlands does not require a pass now. However, the rules state that anyone aged 13 and over has to show a COVID-19 entry pass.
As per the official EU website, the pass contains a QR code, which comprises personal as well as sensitive health data.
However, the processing of the information happens exclusively in the browser. “To create the pass, only a cryptographic hash is sent to our server and signed there. This means we have no possibility to read or save your data,” says the website.
The website urges the citizens to not share COVID-19 passes in order to protect privacy.
Meanwhile, recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concerns over the worsening pandemic situation in Europe. The UN health body said that Europe had the maximum number of cases and deaths due to the viral disease over the last week, with a double-digit percentage surge in each.