| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Muslim Brotherhood: Turkey did not take measures against our leaders

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood denied what some Gulf media outlets reported, that Turkey had placed some of its leaders under house arrest.

The group’s spokesperson, Talaat Fahmy, told Arabi21 that the Brotherhood members in Turkey were “doing fine and enjoying security and stability.”

Responding to the reports which claimed that the Brotherhood’s headquarters in Turkey were shut, and that some of the group’s leaders had sold their properties in Istanbul, Fahmy described the news as “lies, slander, and totally untrue.”

“The Brotherhood once again thank the Turkish authorities for their historical and humanitarian stance in embracing all arrivals on their land due to the violations and grievances practiced by dictatorial regimes in their countries,” Fahmy added.

Saudi and Emirati media outlets had in recent days reported that the Turkish authorities placed Brotherhood leaders under house arrest and prevented others from travelling “as part of arrangements between Cairo and Ankara to hand over 15 Brotherhood leaders.” They also said that the group had evacuated its headquarters and offices in Istanbul.