| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Myanmar protesters burn army uniform five months after coup

Hundreds of protestors marched to the streets of Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, on Thursday, setting fire to an army uniform and singing pro-democracy slogans five months after elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi was deposed by a military coup.

The event was one of the largest in Yangon in recent weeks, however anti-army protests are held on a regular basis in many parts of the Southeast Asian country.

“What are our objectives? Democracy, democracy, democracy! “Protesters screamed as they hurled colorful smoke flares through the streets.

According to Reuters video, they screamed, “For the people! For the people!”

They set an army uniform ablaze before dispersing.

Reuters was not immediately able to reach a military spokesman for comment.

Myanmar’s army has struggled to impose its authority since taking power on Feb. 1. It has faced protests, strikes that have paralyzed public and private sectors and a resurgence of conflicts in the borderlands.

Military officials have labeled their opponents as terrorists. It released around 2,000 convicts on Wednesday, the majority of whom had been jailed since the coup.

Since the coup, more than 6,400 people have been arrested, according to the advocacy group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. It estimates the death toll at over 880, which the military claims is an exaggeration.

The army claims that their seizure was legal and constitutional. It came to power after Suu Kyi’s party won a landslide victory in a November election. Its allegations were denied by the former electoral commission.

  • Reuters