| 3 December 2023, Sunday |

NATO PA recognizes actions of Russian troops in Ukraine as genocide

On May 22, the NATO PA session in Luxembourg recognized the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine as genocide. In addition, this is not the first time that Putin’s terrorist regime in Russia has been called ruscism at the level of an international organization. NATO PA urged the countries of the Alliance to give a clear declaration in support of Ukraine’s membership and to agree on clear steps on how to achieve it. The above-mentioned decisions by NATO PA are evidence of the growing support of Ukraine in the world: the crimes that Russia commits daily in Ukraine concern everyone without exception. If Putin is not stopped, he will start the Third World War. In 1939, Europe also believed that nothing would happen after the barbaric invasion of Poland by the Nazis. Indecisiveness and weakness then led humanity to the most catastrophic war in its entire history. The West has no right to repeat such a mistake again and must stop the Kremlin tyrant.

The actions of the Russian army in Ukraine have all the signs of genocide. This is a deliberate tactic of the Kremlin, which approves of war crimes. Therefore, the UN assessments on at least 23,000 Ukrainians killed and wounded as a result of the full-scale Russian invasion, is almost conditional. The exact number of victims will be determined only after the war, because there is no accurate data on those crimes that may take place in the occupied territories. At worst, the number of people killed may amount to tens of thousands of people, as the tragedy of Mariupol, which was completely destroyed by the Russian artillery and aviation. There is no way back in Russian creeping expansion, it can only be stopped by force. The main guarantee of peace in Europe is the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Putin has great resource and demographic potential, which is why Russia must be stopped by collective efforts, otherwise he will start the Third World War. The process of weakening the Kremlin must be complex and permanent, with the introduction of further sanctions, political and economic isolation of the Russian Federation on the world stage. The decision of NATO PA in Luxembourg is a good example for the world community, which should make such decisions at the level of parliaments, and to remove the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism from international organizations. Strengthening Ukraine, supporting its initiatives at the international level and providing weapons and aid are the key to the survival of the civilized West.


Source: Fürge Hír

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