| 2 February 2023, Thursday |

Neglecting children’s vaccine ‘is abuse’, says Saudi Public Prosecution Office

Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution Office said all children under the age of 18 has the right to be inoculated against diseases and failure to do so amounts to abuse.

The first article of the Saudi Child Protection System stipulates that “any failure to provide the basic needs of the child including: physical, health, emotional, psychological, upbringing, educational, intellectual, social, cultural as well as safety and security needs” is considered neglect.

Article 1/13 of the Executive Regulations of the Child Protection Law stipulates that health needs include all that is necessary to provide healthcare for children, including “whatever necessary to provide the child with fundamental health care, including immunization with serums and vaccines, protect the child from epidemics and diseases, and ensure the child gets the appropriate treatment.”

Article 3/3 of the Child Protection System also stipulates that “failing to complete the child’s compulsory vaccinations” is deemed a case of abuse or neglect.

Article 3/8 says that the child must be provided with vaccines “as specified by the relevant health authorities and in accordance with the scheduled dates and periods prescribed in this regard.”

It also says that providing vaccinations to the child is the duty of the father or the guardian, adding that authorities are obliged to create a medical file for every child to register the required vaccinations and the development of his or her health conditions.

“The school health or the substitute health authority shall conduct the periodic medical checkup for school students throughout the pre-university education levels, provided that this checkup takes place at least once a year,” it reads.

Students aged 12-18 are being urged to book their COVID-19 shots, following a government announcement that only fully jabbed pupils could return to the classroom when the new school year begins at the end of this month.

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