| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

New Polish parliament to convene on Nov 13 -president

Poland’s president stated on Thursday that the first session of the newly elected parliament would be held on Nov. 13, but he did not say who he would appoint to form a new government after the ruling nationalists lost their absolute majority.

The Law and Justice (PiS) party won the election on October 15 but is unlikely to find a partner to create another government. Three pro-European parties have stated their readiness to create a cabinet led by liberal Civic Coalition leader Donald Tusk and have urged President Andrzej Duda not to postpone his appointment.

“I can say that the preliminary date of the first session of the lower house of parliament will be Monday Nov. 13, which is the fastest possible date taking into account constitutional norms,” said Duda, a PiS ally.

The president has 30 days from election day to convene the first session of the new parliament and then 14 days to nominate a candidate for prime minister.

Duda has previously said he would give the first shot at forming a government to the largest single party – PiS – and aides have said he will not be rushed into making a choice. He met this week with leaders of all the parties who won seats in the new parliament.

  • Reuters