| 15 April 2024, Monday |

New Twitter boss Linda Yaccarino unveils plans for Twitter 2.0.

Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter, has revealed her vision for “Twitter 2.0” following her assumption of leadership from Elon Musk at the social media company. In a series of tweets on Monday (June 12), Yaccarino expressed her commitment to transforming Twitter into the most reliable source of real-time information worldwide and a global hub for communication, referring to it as the platform’s actual reality rather than an empty promise.
“When you start by wrapping your arms around this powerful vision, literally everything is possible. You have to genuinely believe—and work hard for that belief,” she tweeted.
Yaccarino also said that Twitter has the opportunity to reach across aisles, create new partnerships, celebrate new voices, and build something together that can change the world.
Yaccarino mentioned in her Twitter thread that the success of Twitter 2.0 is all of “our responsibility,” adding, “We need to think big. We need to transform. We need to do it all together.”
“Our first principles are questioning our assumptions and building something new from the ground up. It’s rare to have the chance to put a new future into the hands of every person, partner, and creator on the planet. That’s exactly why I’m here – with all of YOU,” she said.
Yaccarino also echoed her predecessor Elon Musk’s goal that Twitter must transform the global town square.
Yaccarino’s tweets come just days after Platformer reported that Twitter refused to pay its Google Cloud bills as its contract comes up for renewal this month. Before Musk took over Twitter last year, the social media giant signed a multi-year contract with Google related to fighting spam and protecting accounts, among other things, the Platformer report said.
However, it did not provide any details on how the conflict between the companies could hinder Twitter’s trust and safety teams.

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