| 1 December 2023, Friday |

New Zealand announces more sanctions on Russia

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta announced on Monday additional sanctions on Russia over ongoing war in Ukraine.

In a statement, Mahuta said that this round of penalties focused on the Russian defense and security sectors.

“Today we are sanctioning 14 individuals and seven entities as part of our ongoing support for Ukraine. The group includes military personnel, defence entities and executives, Russian-directed disinformation outlets, and a paramilitary organisation and its senior commanders,” Mahuta said in a statement.

“They include executives and shareholders from companies that design and manufacture missiles and firearms, as well as members of neo-Nazi paramilitary groups linked to the Wagner Group of mercenaries,” she added.

Sanctions were also imposed on the InfoRos “news agency and cyber operation run by Russia’s military intelligence,” as well as the Crimea-based outlet NewsFront.

Mahuta underlined that through these sanctons, New Zealand was “making clear its condemnation of those who play a role in facilitating Russia’s illegal and unjustified actions in Ukraine.”

“Continued reports of indiscriminate attacks and widespread damage on civilian targets by Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine is deeply concerning,” she added.

So far, New Zealand has imposed sanctions on over 1,200 individuals and entities since April, including trade measures to ban exports and imports from Russia.

Russia is currently the world’s most-sanctioned country since it launched its war on Ukraine in February.

  • Anadolu Agency