| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Nigeria rescues six people abducted from Abuja university

Six persons were abducted by armed men from a university in Abuja this week, authorities said on Friday, in what was a rare kidnapping at a higher education institution in the country’s capital.

On Tuesday, gunmen seized four members of staff and two of their children from the University of Abuja, prompting additional military roadblocks in and around the city, as well as police stop-and-search operations.

Since late last year, armed gangs known as bandits have kidnapped children from schools and carried out fatal attacks on villages, especially in the northwest of the country, in exchange for ransom.

Abuja and its environs, which have better roads and infrastructure than the rest of Nigeria, are generally regarded as among the country’s safest areas.

All people kidnapped were “reunited with their families through a coordinated operation with other security agencies,” according to Abuja police spokeswoman Josephine Adeh Anipr.

The institution also verified that the six students had regained their liberty.

Nigeria’s security forces have been stretched by rising lawlessness in the north and northwest, as well as a 12-year-old Islamist insurgency in the northeast, raising security concerns in Africa’s most populous country.

  • Reuters