| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

No talks about ‘day after’ until Gaza ceasefire reached: Saudi FM

As Arab foreign ministers urged Israel to permit more humanitarian aid into the beleaguered enclave, Saudi Arabia’s top diplomat said on Friday that the necessity for the immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza has not been given priority by the world community.

The fact that ending the dispute and the fighting doesn’t seem to be a priority—or at least, certain members of the international community don’t think the violence should stop as soon as possible—is one of the situation’s troubling aspects, according to Prince Faisal bin Farhan.

“We are all very much dismayed by that approach,” he added during a press conference with the foreign ministers of Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Palestine and Turkey.

The delegation will meet with Secretary of State Antony Blinken later Friday as part of their global tour, which has been part of their efforts to halt the fighting in Gaza, reactivate the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis and urge the immediate flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Prince Faisal pointed to a UN Security Council Resolution about the need for an immediate ceasefire, which the US has opposed.

But, he stressed that the Arab countries were not willing to discuss what came “the day after” fighting stopped at this time. Reports have indicated that the US is floating ideas about who would assume control over the Gaza Strip if and when the Israel-Hamas war stopped.

“The only thing that we believe is feasible and viable is to discuss what comes after the context of Palestine and the entire situation in the West Bank and Gaza, and the pathway to a Palestinian state,” Prince Faisal said.

  • alarabiya