| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Non-seasonal floods kill 14 people in Yemen

At least 14 people were killed this week due to the floods in Yemen after non-seasonal rainstorms hit parts of the country, security officials said.

The provinces of Al-Mahrah, Hadramawt, Shabwa, Abeen and Jouf in the south and east of Yemen have seen instances of flooding.

In Shabwa, local officials said a father and daughter are believed to have drowned after swiftly moving waters carried their car away. Searchers had only recovered the body of the father.

It is usually dry and storms are not seasonal for the south and the east of Yemen this time of year. The country’s northwestern highlands experience seasonal rain from late spring through early fall.

The storms have damaged crops, roads, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Yemen’s weather service warned late on Wednesday that the rest of the country should be prepared for more rain in the coming two days. Yemen is located at the southern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, overlooking the Red and Arabian seas.

  • Associated Press