| 4 March 2024, Monday |

North Korea boasts of satellite capability, says it will launch more soon

North Korea is committed to launching more spy satellites soon in order to gather intelligence on the military maneuvers of its adversaries, according to a commentary published on Saturday by the official news agency KCNA.

The satellites will be based on the Malligyong-1 satellite, which Pyongyang launched in November and which the governments of South Korea, Japan, and the United States claimed violated resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

“If necessary, they will perfectly execute the job of guiding and leading us towards a super strong strike,” the anonymous commentary said while defending space development as its right to defend itself.

The national security advisers of the U.S., South Korea and Japan are set to hold a trilateral meeting in Seoul on Saturday to discuss North Korea and other global issues.

In a separate article on KCNA, Ro Ju Hyon, who the agency described as an international affairs analyst, criticized South Korea for “reckless military aid to Ukraine.”

It cited a Washington Post article from earlier this week which reported that South Korea’s indirect provision of 155mm shells made it a “larger supplier of artillery ammunition for Ukraine than all European nations combined.”

“This is the top-class pro-U.S. act to put even the West, steeped in anti-Russia policy, into the shade,” Ro said.

North Korea has been criticized over its ties with Russia by South Korea, Japan and the U.S., who say Pyongyang is providing arms support to Moscow in return for help advancing its military capabilities.

Last month, White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby said the U.S. had information that indicated North Korea was covertly supplying Russia with a “significant” number of artillery shells for its war in Ukraine.

  • Reuters