| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

North Korea satellite had ‘no military utility,’ Seoul says

After examining the debris of the failed satellite launched by North Korea, South Korea’s military has determined that it had no significant military purpose. This statement was made on Wednesday, suggesting that the satellite lacked any substantial military applications.
In May, North Korea had attempted to put what it called its first spy satellite in orbit but the rocket carrying it crashed into the sea off the Korean Peninsula’s west coast minutes after liftoff.

The crash prompted a South Korean salvage operation that lasted 36 days and involved mobilizing a fleet of naval rescue ships, minesweepers and deep-sea divers.

The South Korean military said on Wednesday that it had ended the salvage operations.

“After detailed analysis on major parts of North Korea’s space launch vehicle and satellite which were salvaged, South Korean and US experts have assessed that they had no military utility as a reconnaissance satellite at all,” it said in a statement.
North Korea did not immediately respond to the South’s announcement.

The United States, South Korea, and Japan had denounced North Korea’s satellite launch on May 31 as a violation of United Nations resolutions prohibiting nuclear-armed Pyongyang from using ballistic missile technology.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said that acquiring a military spy satellite is key to boosting Pyongyang’s defense capabilities.

North Korea has also vowed to launch a second satellite after May’s failure.

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