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Obama promises to throw his weight behind Biden to counter a resurging Trump in 2024 elections

Former US President Barack Obama has issued a warning to his Democratic ally and current President Joe Biden regarding the “intensely loyal following” of the Republican Party’s Donald Trump. Obama reportedly emphasized that Trump could potentially become a more formidable candidate than is currently perceived. This caution reflects concerns about Trump’s continued influence and the potential impact he may have on future political events.
According to a report in the Washington Post, at a private lunch held at Biden’s presidential residence inside White House, Obama has promised to throw his weight behind Biden to get him re-elected.
Obama reportedly made it clear that Trump has an iron grip on the Republican Party, as reflected by a faltering campaign by the Republican candidates such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

What does it mean?
Barack Obama is considered the top star of Democratic Party.

While musings in the US conservative media have suggested that there is a conscious attempt to cultivate the former first lady Michelle Obama as a potential president candidate in later years, until then, the Obama’s will stand firmly behind Joe Biden to keep Democrats in power until 2028.

But didn’t Obama favour Hillary Clinton against Joe Biden previously?
Yes. Many Democrats find Obama responsible for pushing former US state secretary Hillary Clinton’s name and not Joe Biden’s in the 2016 US presidential polls.

In recent past, a sense of lingering frustration has been reported among some in Biden’s circle about Obama’s role ahead of the 2016 election, especially in the face of a belligerent Donald Trump whose rise they say became possible because of Hillary Clinton’s eventual inability to counter him in 2016.
But now, Biden aides have reportedly welcomed Obama’s early commitment to help his re-election campaign.

What all has Obama promised to get Biden re-elected?
Obama will reportedly begin fundraising for Biden in the fall, a person familiar with the plans was quoted as saying by Washington Post.

“President Biden is grateful for his unwavering support, and looks forward to once again campaigning side-by-side with President Obama to win in 2024 and finish the job for the American people,” TJ Ducklo, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, was quoted as saying by Washington Post.

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