| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

One dead, six injured after shoot out during party in Mississippi

A shooting took place during a Cinco de Mayo party that was being held at a restaurant in Mississippi late on Friday night, which resulted in the killing of one person and the injury of six others, said police.
In a press release, Ocean Springs Police Capt Ryan LeMaire confirmed that the assailant shot at seven people at The Scratch Kitchen on Government Street.
The surviving victims were shifted to area hospitals where they received treatment, said LeMaire. The media reports did not specify how badly the people were injured.
The man who lost his life in the shootout was identified by the police as Chase Harmon, 19, of Pascagoula.
Till Saturday morning, the police did not make any arrests in the case but Lemaire stated that the officials are carrying out an investigation is ongoing.
“We urge anyone with any information to call the Ocean Springs Police Department,” he stated.
The owner of Scratch Kitchen, while speaking to the Sun Herald, said that there were around 200 people present at the restaurant when the shootout took place.
The shooter ran past the restaurant employees who were carrying out security checks at the entrance to the patio and forcefully entered the premises.
“The person who did the shooting wasn’t a customer,” said owner Brittany Alexander. “He didn’t get an arm band or anything to be out here,” Alexander added.
Ocean Springs is located 4 miles (6 kilometers) east of Biloxi, Mississippi

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