| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

One of Steve Jobs’ secrets … He only turned off his phone for one reason

The first solution, when a problem occurs with your cell phone, is to turn it off and restart it again, but one of the secrets of Steve Jobs, which his assistant revealed, Nas Beheshti, in a book, is that he never turned off his phone, except for one reason only.

According to Beheshti, Jobs said he never turn off his mobile except in one case/ a “rare” one , according to a report published by INC website

And she indicates that turning off the phone may send messages to others, that what you do at the time is considered a very important matter, so that you cannot focus on anything else at all, and that everything else can wait.

Beheshti explained that the reason or “rare case” that Jobs turns off his phone was while he was in the office of the then head of design, Johnny Eve, as he saw his place there, “far from the meetings that haunt us all day.”

Beheshti added that “we often see ourselves as unproductive at work, unless we write a report or make an impact in the  inbox (via e-mail),” but Jobs had a different view of things, as he was willing to cut himself off from communications when he was “playing” in Design Lab, where he  finds its space “to laugh, imagine and create”.

She stated, “I quickly discovered how playtime for Jobs became important to him, and how one of the keys to his success as a great innovator was. “ Simply if we could not reach him at any time, we would go to Eve’s office.”

“A bigger deal than you might think” is the scientific benefit of stopping your cell phone from operating according to Beheshti, as you send signals to your mind, “It is okay to disconnect”, and to stop its response to external stimuli, whether from messages, e-mail, or various notifications.