| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

One Person Dead, 12 Injured in Shooting Spree in Arizona, Police Say

One person has been killed and another 12 were injured in several shooting incidents in the US state of Arizona, local police said.

According to the broadcaster ABC15, citing local law enforcement, one gunman committed several separate shootings in different cities within about 90 minutes. The shooter has been arrested and is said to have acted alone.

“We have a total of 13 victims, not all of them are gunshot-wound victims. Right now, we have four that are gunshot-wound victims. The others have different types of injuries,” Peoria Police Department spokesman Brandon Sheffert said at a press conference.

The officer added that there is at least one death, so far.

“We responded to another call, the vehicle on the freeway, and, sadly, we are reporting one fatality in that,” Sheffert said. The gunman’s motives are as yet unknown.

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