| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Palestine court nullifies decision to stop paying salaries of 28 Hamas MPs

The decision of suspending the salaries of 28 members of Hamas’ parliamentarian bloc, was nullified by the Palestinian High Court of Justice, Quds Press reported.
The court nullified the decision after accepting an appeal filed by lawyer Daud Diraawi on behalf of the MPs.
“The court accepted the appeal we filed in 2019 against cutting the salaries of the MPs,” Daraawi said, stressing that the court ruled that the salaries be paid retrospectively since 2018.
Daraawi also said that the Financial Ministry ignored seven requests made by the court to be given the names of the MPs whose salaries had been cut.
According to the lawyer, the court heard the MPs who provided their accounts after the Financial Ministry agreed to reply to the court’s requests.
As soon as the court received the names of the MPs it accepted the appeal and nullified the decision to stop the payments for 28 MPs in Gaza and West Bank.