| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Palestinian Dies of Injures After Clashes With Israel in Gaza Strip, Health Authorities Say

A Palestinian, who was injured by the Israeli military in protests on 21 August, has died in Gaza Strip, the local health authorities said on 25 August.

“Today in the morning a Palestinian, who was heavily injured in clashes with the Israeli soldiers last Saturday on Gaza Strip border with Israel, died,” the authorities stated.

On 21 August, Palestinians held a rally on the border of the Gaza Strip to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the fire of the Al-Aqsa mosque and to protest against the occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel.

On 22 August, Egypt closed the Rafah crossing on its border with the Gaza Strip to put pressure on Hamas, Sunni militant organization, controlling Palestine’s Gaza Strip, in order to prevent the escalation of clashes on the border, according to the Al Arabiya broadcaster.

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