| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Palestinian shot in back of head puts Israel’s use of force under scrutiny

A single gunshot resonates down the street as a guy in a white t-shirt flees the area where an Israeli military jeep has been spotted.

Blood is seen gushing over him at that moment, and he collapses forward.

Ameed al-Jaghoub was shot in the back of the head during an Israeli assault in the occupied West Bank hamlet of Beita, where he was presumably running to rescue an injured guy.

He is still gravely unwell in intensive care after nearly a month.

Mobile phone footage of the moment the 33-year-old was hit is among the clearest documentation in recent years of the use of lethal force by Israeli troops against an unarmed Palestinian.

His case is the latest to be highlighted by human rights groups, who say that casualty rates from what they describe as “unjustified” use of force are at their highest in two decades.

It comes with the West Bank engulfed in a crisis of violence involving a rising number of deadly attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, growing mob violence by Israeli settlers, and waves of lethal Israeli military raids into Palestinian cities.