| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Palestinians welcome the Emirates’ sending of “Corona” vaccines to Gaza Strip

Various sectors of the Palestinians have welcomed the provision of anti-Coronavirus vaccines to the Gaza Strip by the UAE, in light of the long-imposed blockade that prevents the introduction of anti-virus vaccines into the Strip.

Palestinian human rights activist Khalil Abu Shamala said that the Gaza Strip is witnessing a deterioration in the health sector, and level of medical staff, and over the past months, the sector has faced great difficulties in facing the spread of the Corona virus.

The Emirates News Agency “WAM” quoted Abu Shamala as saying that the vaccine sent from the UAE at this time strengthens the work of medical teams and the Palestinian Ministry of Health to enable them to deal with emergency cases.

“As far as we know, this is the first batch of vaccinations, and the UAE will kindly send other batches of vaccines to the Gaza Strip,” Al-Moqawqi added.

Abu Shamala praised the initiative and the effort made by the UAE to support the Palestinian health sector, specially  in light of the siege and severe deprivation that the Gaza Strip is witnessing, explaining that this effort and this initiative deserve appreciation.For his part, Salah Abdel Aty, President of the International Organization for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People “Hashd”, thanked the UAE for the medical supplies it provided for the benefit of the sector at a time when the number of people infected with Corona disease is increasing.

In a statement to WAM, he called on the international community to provide all necessary assistance to the residents of the Gaza Strip to confront Corona and save the dilapidated health sector, and to follow the example of the UAE in supporting the health sector to save the residents of the Gaza Strip from this epidemic.

For his part, political analyst Nidal Khadra said that providing vaccinations is an important initiative that has been preceded by many medical aid from the United Arab Emirates.He explained that the UAE has always been proactive in supporting the Palestinian people, and the batch of vaccinations against the Corona virus came as part of the first step it takes to save the health sector in Gaza in light of the tragic situation.

  • Sky News Arabia