| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

Peru: 6 dead after Cyclone Yaku, emergency declared

The Peruvan National Institute of Civil Defense said on Friday, that at least six people have died in northern Peru in recent days due to Cyclone Yaku.

The government has declared a state of emergency in the regions of Tumbes, Piura, Cajamarca, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Ancas, which have been hit by torrential rain and flooding.

On Saturday, several rivers overflowed in different parts of the country, damaging crops and homes. At least one bridge also collapsed in Casma, which the regional governor said was the main gateway to northern Peru.

Authorities said 58 people had died since the start of the rainy season, which included other disasters such as mudslides in February.
Authorities are working to deliver emergency aid to the worst-affected regions.

On Saturday, President Dina Boluarte visited Tumbes with other ministers to oversee the delivery of supplies.

She claimed the government did not have the resources to deal with the floods — including motorized pumps and other machinery — because the state had been “abandoned.”
Boluarte took office in December after Congress voted to impeach former President Pedro Castillo.

Since then, the country has been rocked by large anti-government protests in support of Castillo, particularly in the south of the country where highways and airports have been shut down several times.

Castillo is currently detained in Lima awaiting trial on charges including rebellion and conspiracy, which he denies.

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