| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Poland backs sanctions on airlines transporting migrants to Belarus

In a letter to his German counterpart on Thursday, Poland’s interior minister stated his support for imposing sanctions on airlines transporting migrants attempting to join the European Union to Belarus.

On Monday, European Union foreign ministers discussed further economic measures against Belarus, including airline sanctions, in order to put an end to what Brussels claims is Minsk’s deliberate policy of flying in thousands of migrants from Iraq, Iran, and Africa and sending them across the border.

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko rejects this, blaming the West for an impending humanitarian disaster this winter as a result of refugees stranded on the Belarusian-Polish border.

“Poland supports widening the sanctions against the Lukashenko regime and imposing sanctions on airlines that are making a profit from transporting illegal migrants to Belarus,” Mariusz Kaminski wrote.

On Tuesday, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer offered to send border control officers to Poland to help the country manage the influx of migrants from Belarus, adding that Germany could also offer logistical support.

Kaminski thanked Seehofer for his offer of help, and said the Polish police and special services would work with Germany in identifying and combating people smuggling networks.

  • Reuters