| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Police arrest several in Canadian capital as bikers parade turns unruly

Police in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, detained several individuals on Friday after a march through downtown Ottawa by hundreds of bikes, pedestrians, and automobiles flying Canadian flags became disorderly, according to police.

The procession on Friday was held in protest of alleged government overreach, and it occurred less than three months after a truckers’ strike immobilized the city for more than three weeks.

In a tweet on Friday, Ottawa Police claimed that numerous persons had been detained and that police were still on the scene to ensure everyone’s safety.

Organizers of Friday’s convoy, dubbed “Rolling Thunder Ottawa,” said they’re going to show their support for “freedom” and war veterans. According to local media, some of the protesters were in Ottawa at the previous rally against a vaccine requirement for cross-border trucks.

Several honking truckers and protestors yelling “freedom” from the tops of pick-up trucks and cars marched through downtown Ottawa as police deployed extra policemen to contain the scene.

  • Reuters