| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

President Biden denounces attacks on Jewish communities as ‘despicable’

US President Joe Biden denounced violence against Jewish communities in the United States and abroad on Monday after a string of attacks amid the conflict between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

Physical or verbal assaults were reported against Jews in New York City, Los Angeles and South Florida during the 11 days of fighting in the region.

“The recent attacks on the Jewish community are despicable, and they must stop. I condemn this hateful behavior at home and abroad — it’s up to all of us to give hate no safe harbor,” Biden wrote in a Twitter post.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, tweeted his thanks in response and said he hoped the assailants were swiftly brought to justice and hate crimes deterred.

“The demonization of Israel is clearly sparking this rise in antisemitism. It must be stopped,” Erdan wrote.

  • alarabiya