| 4 July 2022, Monday |

Putin says he is ready to deliver gas, discuss prisoner swap – Austria

Russian President Vladimir Putin informed Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in a phone chat on Friday that Moscow would satisfy its natural gas delivery promises and was willing to discuss a prisoner swap with Ukraine.

After a 45-minute phone chat between the two leaders, Nehammer made the remarks to media.

Asked what Putin had told him about gas deliveries, Nehammer said:”He also raised the subject (and said) that all deliveries would be completed in full.”

In a separate statement, the Kremlin said Russia had reaffirmed its commitment to comply with contractual obligations on natural gas supplies to Austria, which gets 80% of its gas from Russia.

Nehammer, who visited Russia last month for talks with Putin, said the Russian leader had expressed readiness to discuss a prisoner swap with Ukraine.

“If he is really ready to negotiate is a complex question,” he added.

  • Reuters