| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Rise in Coronavirus deaths and infections around the world

Corona numbers showed in Bulgaria, 3 million 876 thousand deaths, while the total number of injuries reached 178 million and above.
More than 965 thousand, of whom 163 million have recovered, and nearly 497 thousand patients.

The Corona pandemic continues to spread in 220 countries, and the countries of the world recorded, Saturday, 358 thousand and 20 thousand new infections, and during the last 24 hours, the pandemic caused 8,153 deaths.

The five countries that recorded on Saturday the highest number of deaths within a single day in the world, were, respectively: Brazil (2,247 deaths), India (1,239 deaths), Colombia (589 deaths), Argentina (495 deaths), and Russia (466 deaths).

The data indicated that the five countries that recorded the highest number of new injuries, globally, within one day, were, respectively, Brazil (81,574 injuries), India (58,588 injuries), Colombia (28,734 injuries), and Russia (17, 906 injuries), and Argentina (15,631) injuries).

Note that all over the world in terms of the daily outcome and recently witnessed a significant decline in the number of injuries and deaths every 24 hours, and recently became second in the world after Brazil, America came out of the global quinquennial list to be replaced by Russia, but America despite this remarkable reference in the recent period With the daily toll of injuries and deaths, countries still lead the world with the highest death toll and total injuries.

She explained that the five countries that are considered as of this morning the most affected by the basic system in the world in terms of the number of deaths: America (617,083 deaths), Brazil (500,868 deaths), India (386,740 deaths), and Mexico (231, 151 deaths), and Peru (190,202 deaths).

It indicated that the five countries that are considered so far the most affected in the Persian countries in terms of the number of injuries: America (34,401,712 injuries), India (29,881,965 injuries), and Brazil (17,883,750 injuries), France (5,755,496 injuries), and Turkey (5,365,208 injuries).

  • Sawt Beirut International