| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Rockets fired at Iraq’s Ain al-Asad air base housing U.S. forces, according to security sources

Four Katyusha rockets on Monday fired at Iraq’s Ain al-Asad air base which hosts U.S. and other international forces in western Iraq, security sources said.

It was not clear yet if the attack caused any casualties or damage and two army officials said the rockets might landed away from the base.

Rockets were fired from a desert area around 25km (15 miles) north of the base and Iraqi security forces launched a search for the attackers, two security sources said.

There has been an increase in attacks on U.S. forces since the conflict in Israel broke out on Oct. 7 and Iraqi armed groups aligned with Iran threatened to target U.S. interests with missiles and drones if Washington intervened to support Israel against Hamas in Gaza.

  • Reuters